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Aren’t you Bored?

Remember when being an influencer was new, exciting? When having a blog was electrifying? When social media was so much fun? (High five!)

Well, we hear you.

We’re not like the promo companies you’re used to. We wanna know what WE can do for YOU.

Fess up: How many master lists are you on right this second?

How many sign ups do you get in your inbox each week?

We’re betting it’s a shit ton. Maybe a ton and half?

We get it…

You love authors. You love books.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

You’re overwhelmed and thinking, “Yes! Why are you talking to me?”

Well here’s why:

We want to work with you. And we want to make it super easy to work with us.

That Book Rocks (That’s us – hi!) has been around for several years now – landing in reader’s inboxes each week, tossing out funny stories about our lives, and giving readers recommendations on our favorite books. And now we’re expanding to work with influencers like YOU.

Why We Rock:

Super easy sign up form

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One Link Per ARC

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We #Hashtag You


We won't Nag Or Threaten You

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Want something from us?

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Less Email Clutter

(Less is more.)

Badass Stuff is Coming

(FOMO is real. )

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